The Aguettant Group
Expands its Reach

On April 1st 2024, Aguettant Santé, a division of the Aguettant Group, became the sole owner of Delpharm Mouvaux, the manufacturing site dedicated to the production of infusion bags. This site has been renamed Aguettant Mouvaux.

This significant move sees the Aguettant workforce grow by almost 500, our industrial facilities expanded by 36,000 m² (i.e. the combined surface area of our 3 existing sites at Gerland, St-Fons and Champagne) and our production capacity increase by almost 55 million units (infusion solutions).

The acquisition of the Mouvaux site will further our operational performance ambitions whilst further strengthening our supply chain reliability, both essential elements to our continued success.

Take a video tour of the Aguettant Mouvaux site here:

This is a major strategic milestone in the history and development of the Aguettant Group, and we welcome our new colleagues with enthusiasm and a desire to work closely together to further the aims of the Aguettant Group.

Vignette Airelles
Vignette Airelles
Vignette Airelles



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