The story
of a commitment

For more than a century, Laboratoire Aguettant has enjoyed a rich history of expertise that is now internationally recognised. It continues to invest to sustain its presence in France and pursue an international influence.


1835 - 1903


Noël Crolas, in his laboratory located in the Saint Just district of Lyon, extracts the alkaloid from the bulb of autumn colchicum to produce a preparation indicated against rheumatism and gout: Tincture of Cocheux. Its sale continues for more than 150 years, until the 1980s. It is then the oldest drug appearing in the "Vidal" (directory of drugs in France).


In order to continue the small family business, Professor Ferdinand Crolas, eminent pharmacologist and son of Noël, sold it to his brother-in-law Louis-Joseph Aguettant, chemist and businessman, who joined forces with Bruno Tavernier. Aguettant & Tavernier soon set up their business on the banks of the river Saône.


Noël Aguettant, son of Louis-Joseph Aguettant and pharmacist, former student of Professor Crolas, takes over the activity of his ancestors. He took an interest in subcutaneous injections, and launched the production of adrenaline These were the beginnings of what would become Aguettant's core business: injectable drugs.

Industrialisation and innovation

1941 - 1977


Georges Aguettant, son of Noël, became director of the company which took on the status of a company, "Laboratoire Aguettant". He reorganized the business and developed new products, including a range intended for veterinary and domestic hygiene (marketed until the 1980).


Georges moves the laboratory to the Gerland district in Lyon. This transfer seals the shift of the business to an industrial stage.
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Aguettant becomes the only laboratory in France to offer solutions in flexible containers.


Aguettant creates Dialytan H, the first concentrate for dialysis with marketing authorization in France.


Development of several formulas in artificial nutrition.

New developments

1987 - 2019
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Aguettant opened a second production site in 1987 in Champagne, Ardèche.
Supply Chain


Aguettant inaugurates its new distribution platform in Saint-Fons, in the Rhône, big enough to serve the global demand.
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Aguettant launches its first pre-filled plastic syringe and receives the PharmaPack award in the "hospital use safety" category.


Aguettant inaugurates its new production site, R&D center and head office in Gerland, Lyon. Aguettant then becomes an integrated laboratory meeting international requirements.
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Aguettant continues to invest in its industrial tool and inaugurates its second production line for pre-filled syringes in Champagne, Ardèche.

Looking to the future

2020 - …
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Aguettant is selected by the French public authorities for its industrial project as part of the national recovery plan. This work is conducted at all of the Group's industrial sites.
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Aguettant is starting a new activity in in vitro diagnostics, capitalizing on the expertise of Promise Proteomics and its proprietary technology.
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Aguettant and Delpharm collaborate to take over the Carelide Laboratory (in Mouvaux in the North of France, Haut-de-France region), the only French manufacturer of infusion solutions. Aguettant is strengthening its key role in France's health and industrial sovereignty.
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