Aguettant invest 40 million euros
in ambitious manufacturing extension

Aguettant is delighted to have reached the conclusion of its ambitious expansion plan: the increase of production capacity at 3 sites across France.

The 40 million euro project first saw the extension of manufacturing capacity at the Champagne site, with the addition of a new 10ml pre-filled syringe production line.

Secondly, a new ampoule line at Lyon Gerland has doubled ampoule production to 60 million units each year.

Finally, storage capacity at St Fons was extended, doubling storage space to 6000m2. It opened in April 2024 and will welcome the first pallet in May 2024.

Aguettant’s commitment to growth serves both the strategic ambitions of the company as well as the aspirations of the public authorities to keep French businesses in France. We are proud that with our now expanded manufacturing capacity, we can help even more people access our essential medicines.

Watch this video to learn more:

Vignette Airelles
Vignette Airelles
Vignette Airelles



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