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Aguettant is an integrated laboratory and expert in essential drugs for injection in hospitals. We master all stages of creating an essential medicine, from R&D to marketing, to enable healthcare professionals to treat their patients in critical situations in an optimal way.
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guillemets Aguettant is an independent and family-owned French pharmaceutical laboratory, an expert in the field of injectable drugs.

Our mission is to contribute to the care of patients, particularly in hospitals, by providing health professionals with essential injectable drugs adapted to the requirements of medical practice.

The combination of our strengths makes our difference. Our ability to innovate in administration systems, our national industrial infrastructure with multiple technologies, our growing international commercial development coupled with our strong exposure to hospital governance challenges us and makes us strive for a higher standard. To this is added a recent diversification in in vitro diagnostics, completing the field of our possibilities.

The strength of the values ​​and commitment of our employees produce concrete achievements, whether they are part of the response to a pandemic, the participation in health and industrial sovereignty or the humble but decisive contribution to the care of a patient hospitalized in intensive care, here or elsewhere.

To you, health professionals, regulatory authorities, manufacturers, commercial companies, decision-makers in the world of health, future collaborators, know that the teams of Laboratoire Aguettant are proud to be at your side, driven by our mission and with constant focus on the essential. guillemets
Éric Rougemond
CEO of Aguettant



Aguettant has set up its headquarters and its 5 industrial sites (including 1 R&D center of excellence) in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region :
- Lyon, 2 sites
- Saint-Fons
- Champagne
- Grenoble R&D center
Aguettant is also engaged in a continuous investment in innovation and development of its industrial capacities. This ambitious approach serves both the strategic ambition of the company and the aspirations of the public authorities to keep French businesses in France.
Our industrial sites
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10 commercial affiliates :
- France
- Germany & Austria
- Italy
- Benelux
- Nordics
- Spain & Portugal
UK & Ireland

and distribution in more than 70 countries.
Our commercial affiliates
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Most of the Group's business operations are present in France. They are managed by the Executive Committee :
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Sebastien Aguettant



Chairman of the Supervisory Board
eric rougemond



Chairman of the Board
Chief commercial officer (acting)
delphine fornas



Scientific and Regulatory Affairs & Market access Chief Officer
eric tort



General secretary
Guillaume sabatier



Chief Operations Officer
Head Pharmacist
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The story

of a commitment

From the beginnings as a drugstore to the evolution into an internationalized pharmaceutical laboratory, our history testifies to our desire to innovate, our objective always being the same: to offer patients and caregivers essential drugs that contribute to better care.
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Georges Aguettant sans legende Fondateur du laboratoire Aguettant
Georges Aguettant - Founder of the Aguettant Laboratory



EcoVadis awarded Aguettant a Bronze medal in March 2024. This means that Aguettant scored in the top 35% of all companies scored by the EcoVadis evaluation system.
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